How to look and feel 40, after 50


Look and feel 40, after 50

We are Better After 50, because we choose to be

after 50

When we reach the age of 50, we must take radical measures to feel and look like we are 40. Why radical? Time goes by really fast, and we must take care of our body everyday. Because of the bad eating habits and lack of physical activity are our worse enemies.

after 50

Where do you live? Here, in this body. That must be your answer. Imagine your body is a lovely beautiful house. To maintain it in a good condition, you must take care of it, both from the inside and the outside. By this time in your life, you know what happens to a home of you neglect it.

It is time to do some maintenance to our body, both inside and outside.


after 50 Very well! Let’s begin. In order to feel and look much younger, we must be aware that the first big change we must make is in our mentality. We must make a commitment with ourselves.

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