How we can look elegant with a casual look after 50 years?


Elegant with a casual look after 50 years

To be elegant with a casual look seems simple, but it has its secrets. And even more look after 50 years, we will stand out more if we take care of our style, because many younger women are not careful about the way they dress.  The secret is to know how to combine them with each other and using different accessories which can give us that touch of elegance.

look after 50 years

She told me that she made an inventory of all her clothes and accessories. And in a notebook she wrote down all the possible combinations she could make with all she had. Imagine being able to solve the daily dilemma: what do I wear now? Problem solved.

Here is what nobody has told you and I will share with you today: How many colors can you combine in a same look? You have to use the rule of three. It’s easy, just 3 colors. And here is the secret: one of the three colors must be neutral (the gamut of browns and beiges, white, black and blue jeans).


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