Lifelong Learning, the key to reinvent ourselves at 50


Learning after 50 years

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Lifelong Learning¬†will allow us to discover our potential for growth in the next stage of our lives. It is not anymore a matter of ‘if’ we want to keep learning or not after 50. We have to do it to reap the benefit this brings on the long run. Having a purpose in life is the key to reinventing ourselves.

Each year, median life expectancy increases significantly. The possibility to reach 90, even 100 years has become a reality. For the year 2050 the U.S. Census has predicted there will be over 2 million people over 100 years old in that country.

Now, if you are in the middle of your life, ask yourself, what are you going to do with all those extra years? One of the paradigms we associate aging with, is represented by some terrible words starting with D: decadence, degeneration, disability, debility, dependence, and deterioration.

How to better prepare ourselves to face the other half of the road

Strategic Learning drive us toward personal growth and rejuvenation. Remember, to obtain the benefit of personal growth and renovation, it is necessary to have a profound commitment to lifelong learning.

Behind the satisfaction this can generate for you, there will be many hours of practicing, discipline and perseverance. The pleasure of learning and being able to apply that knowledge will provide us with new vitality. And you can use this example for any other kind of learning, which is meaningful for you.


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