“The Instagram grandma”, Yazemmenah Rossi


Beautiful grandma Yazemmenah Rossi!   grandma

She was born in the island of Corsica, France, where she lived with her grandparents which were farmers, and she got from them her love for organic food. One of the secrets she attributes to her beauty is to have a good nutrition.

Known as “the Instagram grandma”, Yazemmenah

Yazemmehan has traveled and lived around the world, like France and South Africa, until she arrived to New York in the 90s. She loves living in tranquil places, currently she resides in Malibu, where her daily routine includes a walk on the beach when she wakes up. She said she always goes for a walk before going to sleep as well, to feel the waves and the relaxing water.

According to Rossi, one of the serious mistakes that people make is the excessive use of makeup. She believes that natural beauty allows you to highlight the face and bring out your true beauty.

This woman is living proof that age is not important when it’s time to achieve beauty and success, but rather it was her eagerness and drive what gave her the big break.

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