Couples Share Their Online Dating a successful story


Couples Share Their Online Dating  a successful story

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We have to learn from the experiences of those women over 50 who have found their significant other on the Internet.

Laura and Daniel met each other through one of these online dating platforms. Laura’s husband died of cancer when she was 46. After that terrible loss, she dedicated completely to her two children. However, time goes by, kids grow up, they start their own families and leave home. Laura, now 51 years old, felt lonelier each day.

Meanwhile, Daniel was a divorced man, with three children and two grandchildren. Up until then he had not thought about making a new commitment. But at age 53 he started realizing something was lacking in his life.

Laura had already contacted more than 6 men and had met two of them in person. But none of them fulfilled her expectations and whenever they started talking about an ailment, the memory of her husband’s death came back to her immediately. She thought that if it had changed her life for the better, maybe Daniel would understand what she expected from a relationship.

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